DJI Mavic Air – Real or Rumor?

DJI released this video announcing an upcoming event on January 23rd at 10am EST, where DJI will release a new, revolutionary product. Although the trailer does not specifically say what the new product will be, most industry experts agree that next Tuesday’s announcement will include at least one new drone.

Here are the most popular predictions based on current intel:

  1. Mavic Air – a smaller, lighter version of the Mavic Pro
  2. Mavic Pro II – an upgraded version
  3. Tello – formal announcement of the US release date
  4. Spark Pro – upgraded version

We analyzed all the rumors, hints, leaks, called our contacts with insider info and did a little reading between the lines… Based on currently available intel, we are confident the new release will be the Mavic Air

Key factors that went into this prediction:

  • The narrator in DJI’s announcement says “from seemingly insignificant size, comes formidable strength and power”. Based on this alone, we predict the Mavic Air will be…
    • Smaller and lighter than the Mavic Pro
    • Similar performance to Mavic Pro in speed & stability
    • May even outperform the Mavic Pro in some aspects (
      • improved camera (a larger 1″ sensor would be nice, eh?)
      • Longer battery life (heavier camera in front would require additional weight in the back to keep CG; a larger battery could accomplish just that)
      • sensors for more stable indoor flight or rear facing obstacle avoidance
      • Optimized for FPV racing
  • DJI has named the event “Adventure Unfolds”
    • This ‘not so subtle’ hint further supports the new product will be in the Mavic Pro family
    • Assuming we’re right about the Mavic Air name, the new drone will likely improve on the current design to fold up smaller and more efficiently.
  • The event will take place in New York
    • Historically, DJI has chosen California to announce premium and/or professional grade drones with high end video capabilities. This makes sense as the movie industry is the primary target audience for these products.
    • On this note, the NY event could indicate the new drone will be closer to a toy/fun drone than a premium model
  • Final (most telling) clue…
    • Try clicking on this url: (opens in new window) – you will get redirected to their general store (
    • Try doing this with any of the other guesses (e.g. – you will get the 404 – page does not exist error.
    • What does this mean? Maybe DJI has the page for Mavic Air ready to go and are waiting till Jan 23rd to publish it. Why else would they forward this particular url, but not any of the others.

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